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Garden Playrooms – The Fun Place To Be

Children are wonderful but have you noticed that, as soon as they arrive, the house suddenly feels smaller? As they grow they continue to accumulate toys, games, sports equipment, computers and it gets harder to find somewhere to put them all!

Of course, you could move house or build an extension but this may not be the most affordable option. Instead, lots of our customers are investing in garden playrooms that solve their storage problems at a stroke and give children lots of room and a safe place to play, all year round.

All-Weather Play Spaces

Imagine having a warm, dry and safe place for children to play in the winter that’s just seconds away from the house. Special insulation means your playroom will maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. So, while the children are having fun, Mum and Dad can enjoy a little ‘me’ time. We can even install monitoring systems such as CCTV if you wish so you’ll know exactly what the children are up to!

In the summer, simply fold back the floor-to-ceiling glazing panels and suddenly the playroom and the garden become one, and the children’s winter den becomes the biggest, most exciting Wendy house ever!

Save The Wear And Tear On Your Home

Playrooms are particularly good places for ‘messy play’ – things like painting, gluing and sticking. They’re also brilliant when friends come to play and you don’t want several children thundering around the house.

We offer a choice of laminate, engineered wood or practical rubber flooring and can also include plug sockets, TV point, internet and WiFi access if you wish. And why not add a toilet and sink so the children have no need to trample back through the house and dirty faces and fingers can be dealt with on the spot!

A Room For All Ages

Of course, as the children grow, your playroom can change with them. It’s a great space for teenagers and their friends to play computer games, watch TV, play pool or just chill out in a separate room from Mum and Dad. Our garden playrooms have natural soundproofing so teens can play music without fear of disturbing the neighbours. However, if your son or daughter needs a place for their rock band to practice, we can add extra soundproofing and acoustic glazing, just to be on the safe side.

Of course, once the children have flown the nest, your playroom suddenly becomes your own peaceful garden room, extending the hours you can spend ‘outdoors’ or why not convert it to a garden office, music room, gym – almost anything you choose.

One thing’s for sure, you can rely on us to pay attention to every minor detail so you can be sure of getting the service you deserve and a building that exceeds all expectations.

Let’s work together

If you have any questions about our buildings or the design process please get in touch. We’d love to talk through your ideas or arrange a convenient time for a consultation.

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