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Everything we build is made to measure, bespoke to you and your pool area. Book a site consultation to see what solutions we can offer, and discuss the many options and solutions available.

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Make The Most of Your Pool

Taking the decision to put in a pool at home is almost universally guaranteed to be popular, and it’s a brilliant addition to family life. Not only does it make it easy and convenient to get great exercise in swimming, but they’re amazingly useful for everything from kids’ birthday parties to summer barbecues.

Many families quickly find that in order to get the most out of their investment, installing a pool room is a must. While it’s great to have the pool, it can be a real inconvenience to have to carry towels around the house – and to have the kids coming back inside dripping water through the house to the bathroom! We can provide solutions that will enable you to get the maximum enjoyment from your pool area.

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Pool Room Benefits

  • External ‘wet room’ facilities, allowing you to shower off before and after the pool without having to go into the main home
  • Dedicated storage solutions to hold enough towels and pool play equipment for the whole family
  • Full cloakroom, shower room or bathroom facilities, meaning you never have to rush yourself or dripping children through the house
  • A choice of flooring, including hard-wearing and non-slip rubber surfaces for safety
  • Full climate control with heating and cooling, dehumidifying and air circulation to allow you to use the space all year round
  • Bi-folding and sliding doors to open up the space and make it the perfect summer entertaining space

The Best Option

Garden Spaces have already designed and built a great number of pool rooms for our customers and their families to help ensure they get the maximum enjoyment from their pool. As well as being of tailored design for your particular garden and pool, we can incorporate a wide variety of additional features to make the very most of your home pool.


Perfect for the family

Whether your pool is used as a place for a leisurely dip or for everyday workouts, a pool room makes the most sense. Each pool room is designed to perfectly fit your garden, even making use of odd angles, or spaces that are otherwise unused. The option to have all mod cons, such as power, lighting, hot water and even wi-fi extended out means it could be so much more than simply a place to change and shower. The addition of large, secure glazing units means you also have a space flooded with light.

Your investment is safe

Taking the decision to install a pool and a pool room can represent a significant investment but all Garden Spaces pool rooms come with high security locks and window catches, to ensure any expensive pool equipment is secure.

We’ll also be with you every step of the way, offering advice and assistance from our helpful, experienced and courteous Design team, so you can be completely at ease and sure that you’re getting exactly the space that your family needs to enjoy your pool time experience.

Let’s work together

If you have any questions about our buildings or the design process please get in touch. We’d love to talk through your ideas or arrange a convenient time for a consultation.

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