SIPs Core Materials

Core Materials: Providing You with An Energy Efficient Genuine All-Year Solution

It’s important that your garden building can be used all year round and therefore it needs to be as thermally efficient as a modern house but also kind to the environment. You don’t want it to get too hot or too cold, but you need it to maintain a constant, comfortable and efficient temperature level.

  • We build very high quality, energy efficient garden rooms, offices, studios, gyms, acoustic rooms, art rooms, pool rooms which utilise state-of-the-art modern thermally efficient materials.
  • This creates structures which do not need large amounts of energy to heat or cool, which obviously keeps energy consumption to a minimum.
  • This also means that your building is ready to use at all times – even in extreme weather – and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

In most cases, SIP (Structural Integrated Panels), ours made with high quality Polyurethane (PUR) hot injection moulded core and OSB externals, are structurally far more robust than timber framed ‘stick’ buildings, or even cheaper Polystyrene ‘lick and stick’ panels but have a similar versatility for creating custom-built designs that are quick to build.

We love building with SIPs, and we believe you will appreciate the benefits also. If interested please read the following finer detail below.

Our philosophy;

At the Spaces Group, we firmly believe that the SIP building system is a much better and modern alternative to the more traditional block and brick systems. By utilising a SIPs construction at the core of all our buildings, we’re focusing on smarter use of space, and with a dramatically reducing build time, whilst making best use of limited natural resources and thus minimising our overall impact on the environment.

With inspiring design always our key focus, and utilising sustainable building practices, we are engaged in a positively helping to tackle the climate crisis, whilst addressing the rise in demand for more affordable high quality and thermally efficient space.

5 Ways SIPs benefit our customers;

Quicker build times

A structure built using SIPs at its core can be erected significantly faster than a traditionally constructed building. SIPs also make it easier to predict project completion times as the system is simple to erect, requiring less time on site and fewer specialist tradespeople

Added value post build

SIP structures are more attractive to many future buyers and often achieve a much higher sale value. In part, thanks to the inexpensive running costs of a SIPs structure and the vast amount of environmental benefit

More cost effective

A more rapid build program reduces the overall on-site costs due to reduced variable cost such as labour, project management, temporary accommodation and travel. Other key cost savings include reduced foundation requirements due to the structure being far lighter. This facilitates the use of new foundations such as screw piles.

Clever use of space

SIPs structures are very space efficient as the panels themselves offer a large part of the structural element, are lighter and thus require far less structural support. This means that to achieve equivalent thermal performance, you need a far thinner wall section, and thus the most efficient use of available footprint to maximise usable internal space.

Year-round installations

Unlike more traditional methods of construction which rely on good weather for various wet trades, SIPs are erected pretty much regardless of poor weather, meaning there’s little or no disruption to follow-on trades. This produces more consistent and faster builds, with minimal potential over-run costs.

The real benefit of SIPs;

Eco friendly and sustainable timber usage

The timber used to create the outer skins and structural framework of SIP panels come from FSC accredited plantations. The OSB used in the exterior of the SIP sandwich, uses 35% less timber than traditional building methods.

Reduced cold bridging

Up to 50% less energy required to heat a room. Using far fewer timbers in the construction will significantly reduce the amount of cold bridging.

Reduced heat loss

SIPs can outperform other building methods in virtually every environmental category because the insulation is a core component of the system rather than an add-on.

Improved energy efficiency

Building with SIPs can reduce energy consumption and thus carbon dioxide emissions, due to their high levels of thermal performance.

Shorter supply chain

Our SIPs are manufactured in the UK using a limited number of ingredients. This shortens the supply chain which not only brings down overall costs but also reduces congestion, noise and air pollution.

Less waste

Smart computer aided design software and advanced cutting systems, ensure that waste is kept to an absolute minimum. Where possible, any excess materials can be recycled or re-engineered into smaller-scale projects.

Reduced foundations

The lightweight but thermally efficient SIPS shell reduces the need for heavy lifting machinery on site, and thus reduces the need for heavy foundations avoiding the use of polluting concrete in most instances.