External Finishes

Creating A Naturally Beautiful Exterior

Our garden buildings are not only designed to be useful spaces but we want them to be aesthetically pleasing, and to sit comfortably in your garden landscape. That’s why we offer a carefully selected range of cladding and decking materials to suit your taste and budget.

All of the timber we supply is kiln dried and from sustainable sources. We utilise stainless steel secret fixing solutions so the visual effect of your cladding is not interrupted, and you can rest assured it will look every bit as good in 20 year’s time as it does on the day we complete your building.

Western Red Cedar Cladding

For our top specification cladding we use clear (knot free) Western Red Cedar. It has a very low shrinkage factor and is superior to all other coniferous woods in its resistance to warping, twisting and checking.

The conduction of heat in wood is directly related to its density. Woods with low density have the highest thermal insulating value because such woods contain a high proportion of cell cavities. In dry wood, these cavities are filled with air which is one of the best known thermal insulators.

With its low density and high proportion of air spaces, Western Red Cedar is the best thermal insulator among the commonly available softwood species, and is thus far superior to brick, concrete and steel.

Thermowood Cladding

This could be an ideal solution if you want to achieve a beautiful building on a slightly smaller budget. This cladding uses a Finnish grown pine which is treated to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Celsius. During the heat treatment, chemical and structural changes occur within the timber that alter and enhance some of its basic properties. The resulting product is an altogether more durable and stable timber, an ideal material for use in exposed areas such as external wall claddings in garden buildings.

Natural Acoustic Properties

An important acoustic property of wooden cladding, and particularly when kiln dried, is its ability to reduce the transmission of unwanted noise and to dampen vibrations. Wood has a cellular network of minute interlocking pores which converts sound energy into heat by frictional and viscoelastic resistance. Because of the high internal friction created by the cellular pore network, wood has more sound damping capacity than most structural materials. Floor, ceiling and wall assemblies of wood can provide effective, economical sound insulation and absorption when properly utilised. Western Red Cedar is particularly effective in this regard, and can be used to help reduce noise transmission.

Cladding Treatment

Although the cladding on your garden building does not need treatment and will silver down in time from exposure to the sun and from weathering. To help arrest this degradation, we offer a choice of specialised exterior wood oils and stains (with UV protection), to lift and maintain the colour and grain of the wood. If applied, it will be necessary to repeat the process annually to maintain the look. This can be performed very quickly once strong base coats are applied when your building is first installed.

Stains, Oils and Paints

We offer a large range of long lasting quality finishes in a variety of natural hues and colours.

Cedral CLICK (smooth) Weatherboard

High strength fibre cement construction provides excellent strength longevity and durability, combined with a wonderful aesthetic as standard we opt for the smooth contemporary finish. This weatherboard cladding by Cedral is ideal for creating beautiful exteriors that last with a 50 year life expectancy.

As standard, we offer 6 stunning contemporary colours but other colours and finishes are available on request.

The system comes with all the neat accessory details (corners and edge trims) you would expect to offer a seamless finish.

Black – C50
Slate Grey – C18
Dark Grey – C15
Blue Grey – C10
Green Grey – C06
Grey – C05

Alternative Finishes

At Garden Spaces we are constantly pushing the barriers of garden room design. We are becoming expert in many different modern innovative cladding systems, and the amazing look that can be achieved with them.

We particularly love the look of the contrast between sections of wood, stone and render. All of these materials are very natural but with carefully selected materials we use them to produce a modern contemporary look.

Organic Resin Render

We use a silicone based, ready to use pre-mixed organic resin render. It provides a low maintenance, decorative finish and is available in two different textures and in a wide range of colours.

We employ a 3 coat system incorporating a fibreglass mesh.

Benefits include:

  • High degree of water repellency
  • Optimum adhesion to the substrate
  • Natural looking finish
  • Allows substrate to breathe
  • High flexibility
  • Adds insulating properties
  • High weather resistance
  • Many Render Colours

Stone Cladding

If you seek the appealing, three-dimensional look of stacked stone, look no further than our Rock Panels, a natural stone veneer cladding system which is ideal for exterior feature walls. These stacked stone panels are perfect for cladding our SIP structures and look spectacular especially when illuminated at night to highlight the beautiful colour variations.

Four Amazing Colour Variations

Rock Panels are available in a selection of textures and four primary colours: the rustic, rugged appeal of Ochre Blend; the cool, subdued tones of Charcoal; the warm, mellow hues of Ivory Quartz; and the sleek, contemporary styling of White Quartz. Handmade from select pieces of cut natural quartz or sedimentary rock, each panel is 100% unique in colour and design.

Corners are extremely important in any project, which is why we use a two-part, finger-jointed corner system. The inter-woven fingers deliver the most seamless look possible.

Decking options for garden rooms

We use a range of decking materials to suit any project and budget. Whether looking to blend your new garden building within it’s surroundings, match existing finishes on your property or make a bold contemporary design statement, we will be pleased to offer our advice.

Composite decking

If you want a deck that delivers care free enjoyment season after season, without the upkeep that softwood or hardwood decking requires, then our composite decking is for you. Composite decking brings together the benefits of wood with the unique properties of PVC and will transform both the appearance and performance of your studio. Its benefits include:

  • Water-resistance
  • Robust durability
  • Anti-slip properties
  • Complimentary aesthetics
  • Availability in Anthracite grey

This stylish decking solution is easy to maintain, requiring nothing more than a wash every now and then.

Hardwood decking (Balau)

If wood is your material of choice, then for larger decks we strongly recommend using hardwood decking, which offers the following advantages:

  • High resistance to wear
  • Ideal for our UK climate
  • Almost knot free grain
  • Compliments cedar cladding with its warm honey gold tones
  • Anti-slip properties (originally used for marine decking)
  • Natural resistance to fungal decay and insect attack

Softwood decking (Thermowood)

We use a Thermowood decking to complement our Thermowood cladding. The natural resistance to water, weather and fungal attack is so effective that your deck will last up to 15 years and, with just a simple deck oil, you can maintain its rich colour. The inviting dark tones resemble hardwood, yet it is made from Scandinavian softwood. Heat treatment (kiln drying) improves the wood’s performance without the use of chemicals, which means your deck is good for the environment too!

Reveals and Shadow board;

Our standard finishing aesthetic is the floating cube look with inset windows, so we generally utilise reveals and shadow boarding to create this contemporary effect. The reveals and shadow boarding are made of hard wearing exterior grade CPB (Cement Particle Board), painted in either grey or black depending on the fenestration frame colour.

Note: The shadow boards are somewhat sacrificial, and can be repainted of replaced if necessary, if ever damaged by a strimmer or mower.