Garden Spaces – FAQs

We have tried to answer some of the more common questions that arise when considering purchasing a garden building. Please feel free contact us if you have any questions that are not covered in this section.

Q. Do I Need Planning Permission?

A. Usually not, planning permission regulations were revised (relaxed) in October 2008. This now means that as long as you comply with a simple set of basic rules you can avoid making a planning application even if you live in a conservation area – check out our page on planning permission for more detail, or visit the government Planning Portal website, or alternatively contact us on 0845 3879387 for our considered advice.

Q. Will My Garden Studio Have To Comply With Any Building Regulations?

A. Most of our Garden Studios are exempt from the majority of building regulations. However, if necessary all of our studios can be modified and upgraded to comply with all current building regulations.

Q. What If Access To My Garden Is Restricted?

A. All of our Studios are constructed using prefabricated modular SIP (Structural Insulated Panels), which are delivered direct to site in flat pack form: So designed that in most cases they can be carried through the house if necessary.

Q. What Is Included In The Price?

A. Our prices include VAT and the full cost of installation, including standard screw pile foundations (subject to a site survey). There are a few small additional costs to add to this unit price i.e. location charge, skip hire cost and electrical connection cost to the main dwelling, which we will quote for separately. Your final price, including any optional extras you may have selected, is the price you pay on your order form.

Q. Who Will Install My Garden Studio?

A. Our fully trained, professional and highly experienced installation teams will carry out the installation process in a safe and orderly manner with the minimum of fuss and with total respect for your property and its surroundings. On completion the building is thoroughly cleaned and the area tidied, the keys are then handed to you with the building ready to use immediately.

Q. What Kind Of Return On My Investment Can I Expect?

A. The installation of a Garden Spaces Studio will add significantly to the value of your property. A quality garden room, is now recognised as one of the key elements that people desire when purchasing a new property. We do not offer an off the shelf set solution but a tailored design that will fit your garden perfectly and make very best use of the available space.

Q. What Warranties Are Provided?

A. Our are buildings are supplied with an insurance backed guarantee, a 10 year structural warranty, and an additional 20 year roof warranty: As all our Studios are built to modern house building standards, we would expect our buildings to last a lifetime.

Q. What About Internet Connectivity?

A. We have various solutions to provide internet connectivity to your garden space depending on the speeds required and distances from the main dwelling house. The simplest and neatest way is to send the broadband signal down the power line – more details available on request. Alternatively we can provide a full solution to manage your services, including network cabling, following a full site survey.

Q. Can My Garden Studio Be Taken With Me If I Move House?

A. No. Historically we have to put some of our buildings on steel frames but in reality we moved very few. It is very costly way to build, looses internal headroom (within the 2.5m envelope), is quite impractical due to the damage caused to the building and necessary refurbishment at the other end, prohibitive costs to move on the road and also the insurances required. We design buildings to fit a particular space and when designed and installed correctly they will add most value staying where they are.

Q. How Long Will I Have To Wait For My New Studio?

A. Obviously each customer’s requirements are quite unique in terms of positioning, personal preferences and optional extras, but our lead-time from placing the order to starting the build is typically 8-10 weeks – even if totally bespoke. If absolutely necessary and fairly standard materials are incorperated, we can actually turn buildings around in as little as 6 weeks if we pull out all the stops.

Q. What Areas Of The Country Do You Cover?

A. We are the only truly ‘Nationwide’ supplier of high quality garden rooms, covering the whole of the UK mainland.

Q. How Well Insulated Is It, Can I Use It All Year Round?

A. The extensive use of highly thermally efficient SIP’s (Structurally Insulated Panels) throughout, including both the roof and the floor structures, means that our studios are between 30 – 40% better insulated than most homes. Usable 365 days a year no matter what the weather conditions are outside.

Q. Why Is My Garden Studio Better Than An Extension?

A. Firstly tranquillity, being detached from your main living space, perfect for work, also flexibility position your Studio where you want it. Generally you will not need planning permission, or have to meet building regulations either. It will cost less than a house extension, will be completed in a fraction of the time and has a fixed price, so there will be no ‘Extra costs’ from the builders half way through.

Q. Are There Any Finance Options Available?

A. No. We used to have a consumer credit licence but we have found that better rates are available from internet based and high street lenders. Garden rooms are now a mainstream solution for additional quality space and are easily funded. For business users we recommend that you discuss with your accountant, or financial advisor, the most tax efficient method for you, lease purchase, lease, business loan, outright purchase etc. For personal finance our Garden Studios are high quality products built to modern house building standards, which enables clients to source finance through various channels, which we can recommend.