Client Name

Mrs Munro


West Bergholt, Essex


Garden Office


Helix 4 x 2


Many people run their businesses from home whether it be offering services such as sales, insurance or advice, to personal trainers, yoga instructors or beauticians. Many operate from a room in their own home but this can often be invasive or not always be suitable, especially if you have pets or children.
We are finding more and more people who work from home would like a purpose built studio in their garden from which they can work and run their businesses and this is exactly what our client on this project wanted.
She needed a small studio which she could use as a treatment room. It wouldn't have to be too large, just big enough for a small sofa and a reclining couch on which she could treat her clients.
Privacy would be imporant as would plenty of light so we would consider this during the design process.


We have built many purpose built studios for people who work from home, from gyms to treatment rooms so using the expertise we were able to design something perfect for Mrs Munro.
This lovely little studio is from our Helix range and features thermowood pine cladding, upvc windows and doors, laminate wood flooring and a butterfly strip light. The large windows on the front of the studio allow for plenty of natural light, but the walled sides allow for plenty of privacy for those using the studio.

There is plenty of space inside for a small sofa on which to wait for your appointment on one side, and an area for the reclining couch and small stool for our client to treat her clients on the other. The top hung window allows for ventilation in the summer meaning no matter what the weather outside, conditions inside the studio are always optimal. Our client can work all year round in perfect comfort.

A lovely little studio which we hope will provide Mrs Munro with happy clients of her own.