Client Name

Mr & Mrs Rhodes




Garden Gym


Custom Helix Centre 6x3 Studio/Gym


Overall we are very pleased with the end result of the build.


Located in Weybridge to the south west of London our client was seeking a garden studio which could be used as a home gym. Two clear areas were needed for the gym equipment and wall space was important to accommodate a large wall mounted TV and several pictures.
The garden featured poor ground and very soft soil which made planning the groundwork an important part of the specification process.


The building features a white, minimal interior which adds to the functional feel of the space. As the room was to be used as a garden gym the flooring chosen was a hard wearing, durable laminate floor which is suitable for the added weight and wear that can be associated with gym equipment.
Glazing was installed within upvc frames in common with our Helix range and the addition of upgraded integral blinds which sit within the glass panels provide a neat solution for privacy when using the gym equipment.
The exterior cladding was upgraded to our oiled finish and a climate control system was added to keep the space warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Potential ground work issues were avoided with extra deep foundation upon which the studio could be constructed.