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Garden Gym, Garden Studio


6.4m by 4.9m


If you have some space in your garden, you enjoy staying in shape and appreciate the importance of exercise but you struggle to find the free time at the right time... a garden gym is a brilliant solution. You can exercise day or night with no travelling, no traffic, no monthly subscriptions and the relative luxury of your own shower at the end of it! Our client wished to install a Garden Spaces studio gym, knowing that our high performance buildings can be used throughout the year, even on those freezing winter evenings. As members of the CPA (Consumer Protection Association) we provide an insurance backed 10 warranty as well as extended manufactures warranties on all component parts. (Please refer to our website under: home / info / guarantees, for further details.)


Gym equipment takes up a lot of space and our client had a substantial amount, so a studio giving 25 square metres square of internal space was collaboratively designed. We positioned it close to the side and rear boundary to minimise impact on garden whilst tying in with the width of the existing patio. As per regulations, we covered the walls adjacent to the boundary with non-combustible cement particle board. Though you cannot see these sides we take care to paint them with a RAL colour coded high quality weatherproof paint that perfectly matches the anthracite grey uPVC frames of the doors and windows. As well as space, certain gym equipment such as running machines and cross trainers, require additional head height. The majority of our buildings are installed under 'permissible planning' and as such, must not exceed an external height of 2.5 metres. To achieve greater internal head height, the ground on which the studio is built can be lowered (an additional 150mm depth is normally adequate). For this project the client cleared and prepared the ground in this way, prior to our arrival. All our studios are constructed from SIPs (structured insulated panels). These panels, which form the sides, ceiling and floor, are incredibly rigid and highly thermally efficient having no cold bridging points. They sit on concrete pile foundations topped with rubber pads and are enveloped in a waterproof membrane, before battening and cladding. Our installers expertly lay the roof: a single ply EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) sheet which comes with a 20-year warranty, backed by the manufacturer, Firestone. To further preserve thermal efficiency all our double glazing is A rated argon, filled with toughened glass. Our client upgraded for strip lights to down lighters, having 12 internally and 5 externally. In addition the slim line Hitachi Shirokuma energy efficient climate control unit was installed, a popular choice with gyms. The condenser unit for this can be seen in one of the photographs. Our highly durable, scuff resistant 10mm laminate flooring, a standard feature all Helix studios, was the perfect finishing touch to this striking high spec gym.