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Garden Music Studio


External dimensions: 5.6m by 4.2m
Internal height: 2.15m(min)
Internal area: 20.8msq


I would like to thank Colum, James and the rest of the build team for the very quick, thorough and professional job they did. As I could not be home during most of the build, I was always kept informed of the progress and called if any decisions needed my input.
I was very impressed with the quick build time, and with the amount of input I could still have during the build even though I was not on-site. Everything is finished to a high standard and everyone who has seen it has commented on how professional it looks. While I have not yet tested the acoustic insulation with a full band setup, I have tested it with a very loud (~100dB) guitar amplifier and outside this was reduced to ~55dB, which is very impressive! Considering I opted for glass doors for lighting and aesthetic reasons, the acoustic performance is better than expected!


Mr Veal wanted to play very loud music without upsetting his neighbours! We have many years expertise in installing bespoke music rooms and offer a comprehensive range of acoustic packages. (Details of which can be found under 'extras' on this website).


Platinum Acoustic Package: Our ultimate solution for use in music/recording studios and where low frequency noise is an issue. Here's the 'techy' detail:

- Floor: 3-layer acoustic underlay mat 

- Walls: Fastener (with incorporated rubber de-coupler), metal furring strips (41mm) with infill of acoustic mineral wool (30mm), acoustic plasterboard (12.5mm) - Acoustic rubber membrane (2.6mm self-adhesive) - Acoustic plasterboard (12.5mm). Total = 68.6mm

- Ceiling: Acoustic rubber membrane (2.6mm self-adhesive) on SIP (Structural insulated panel), Resilient bar (13.5mm) and acoustic plasterboard (12.5mm). Total = 28.6mm

- Acoustic Glazing: An important feature as glazing though lovely for light, is the weakest point acoustically.

Powder coated aluminium frames: Colour - black/grey RAL7021ST

Wall Mounted Fujitsu LT Climate Control unit: Outstanding performance with the added feature of an integrated infra-red sensor which will detect movement and switch on or off accordingly.

Electrics: 3 external dimmable LED down-lights, 3 internal strip lights and 5 surface mounted double power sockets (metal clad), all Part P certified.