Client Name





Garden Office


External Dimensions: 5.3m by 3.8m
Internal area: 9m2
Storage area: 5.7m2


Many of us choose or have the option to work from home and as such we need a space in which to operate, away from distraction. Moreover, in the winter months, keeping the heating on all day, for the sake of one person in one room, is very expensive, whereas heating an incredibly thermally efficient studio that requires minimal energy, is not! One of our most popular requests is to design a multifunctional studio, primarily to be used as an office, but with additional integral garden storage. This is exactly what our client hoped to achieve as, in order to make space for her new Garden Spaces office, she needed to remove the existing shed from the bottom of the garden.


We met with our client on site, looked at the area and discussed design options. It was important to maximize use of the space in terms of both storage and office and to that end we designed a studio that fitted tight to the boundary (400mm from the sides and 500mm from the rear). The rear of the garden backed onto another house. This would unavoidably reduce the light entering the rear of the studio and so we incorporated a sky light to ameliorate this, ensuring we achieved the light, spacious feel our client wished for. The integral storage area formed a substantial proportion of the studio accessible externally through a 'secret' door. If it weren't for the key dangling in the lock on the image opposite, you would be hard pushed to know there was a door to the side of the French doors and glazed panels. Our build teams have expertly disguised the store entrance in the same western red cedar cladding as the rest of the studio, so as not to deter from the overall aesthetics of the front elevation. Our client chose to upgrade from standard strip lighting our Aurora LED down lighters and as mentioned, the western red cedar cladding. The flooring comes as standard and is our exceptionally popular high quality V groove laminate, (guaranteed for 25 years residential use), ideal for an office or high traffic areas. Overall a very practical space which we hope will be enjoyed for many decades.