Client Name

Mr Yim


Mill Hill, North London


Garden Office


Custom Helix Studio 3x4 Centre


I wish to praise the team for a superb job. The team has been very hard working, professional and considerate in performing the works in the highest quality and efficient manner. The Director, Mr Hedges, has been very helpful in explaining our queries and resolved any questions without delays and definitely fulfilled the promises given to us. We have no hesitation in recommending the company to our friends.


This build in North London would be situated within a small garden with bad access. The client was keen to install a garden room but careful consideration was needed to ensure all materials could be delivered to site.
The new office building would enable our client to work from home and avoid a lengthy commute into central London.
With the back garden being overlooked by neighbours privacy was a concern and so we explained the options available to ensure time spent in the office could be fully enjoyed.


Located at the rear of the garden the office sits neatly at the edge of an existing patio area. The natural larch coloured cladding combines nicely with the stone and means neither the new structure or existing stonework appear out of place.
We overcame issues with access with the help of a friendly neighbour who allowed the materials to be brought in through their garden via a gap in the fence where we had temporarily removed a panel.
Working to a tight budget it was decided that blinds could be fitted to the glazing at a later date should privacy prove an issue in the future at the front of the office. The side windows were fitted with a frosted glass which ensures that both our client and his neighbours can make use of their garden spaces without interruption.
The main glazing installed was our standard specification with upvc frames and five point locking system which provides a secure and thermally efficient solution. The building is used throughout the year and so a climate control unit was chosen and installed along with contemporary strip lighting to provide suitable lighting for the office environment.