Client Name

Mr Picton-Turbervill


Ross on Wye, Herefordshire


Garden Music Studio


Helix Right 5x3


We all love music, whether it's simply listening to our favourite album, playing in a band or for the more serious musician, recording and producing music. To have somewhere to do all of those is a great luxury to have, to have something purpose built is even better.
This is what our client wanted for this project, a soundproof music room in which they could play, practice and record music with optimum acoustic properties whilst not disturbing family in the house and surrounding neighbours. Our studios as standard units are rather good at keeping sound in but when the volume gets a bit higher we have a number of acoustic and soundproofing options which we can use to add enhanced insulation to the building. We would need them for this project.
Our client stated that they would provide the electrical supply to the building which we are happy with and there were no major obstacles or complications we could foresee with their project.


This studio is from our Helix range and has a number of upgrades and optional extras some bespoke to this studio. The cladding on the outside of the studio is upgraded from Thermowood Pine to our Western Red Cedar cladding. We think you'll agree this creates a beautiful finish to the studio and enhances the complete look of the garden. The studios tend to be the main feature in the garden so it's a huge bonus that they look the best they can and create an appeal to the user. To complete the outside of the building the roof trim was also upgraded from our aluminium trip to the powder coated option. This is the same shade as the window and door frames and adds a little something to the look of the studio.
Internally the studio was fitted with down lights rather than the standard strip lights, allowing for a professional looking finish whilst providing plenty of light.
Now for the acoustic package. On this build our client opted for our gold acoustic pacakge. This comes with Quiet Floor Plus, an underfloor acoustic insulation solution which provides up to 50% better insulation than standard acoustic underlay. As well as this, the ceiling has a double layer of acoustic plasterboard and the walls a Quiet Panel system creating a very sound efficient cell within the studio. Our client also opted for upgraded acoustic glazing to complete their studio. Glass is often the weak point for sound escaping so to have this option meant they would not need to worry about disturbing their family and neighbours.
A very nice looking studio ready for many years of use.