Music Room - Swanley

Client Name

Mr Spall


Music Room - Swanley, Kent




Helix 3m x 3m


Our customer for this build was a very keen guitarist and musician, and wanted a bespoke space in which they could practice and record their music. This studio would be used a quiet practice space and a music studio.
Access to the garden was limited, and not easily possible through the house. We would need to consider this when the project was taken on.
Bifolding doors were specified for the front of the studio to enable easy access and enough space to carry in musical instruments and recording equipment.


To enable building access to the garden, all materials had to be carried through the customer's house. As always, great care and attention was taken to minimize disruption and damage to the property.
The garden had some hedges in the location where the customer wanted the studio so these were removed but an existing shed was left in place as the design was created allowing enough space for both.
As with all musicians, noise can be a problem especially for neighbours who may always welcome the sounds coming from next door. To combat this, the customer opted to include our gold acoustic upgrade package which includes Impactdelay+ floor insulation, double acoustic plasterboard in the ceiling and silentboard insulation in the walls.
Acoustic glazing was also installed making this project extremely soundproof both from inside and out.
The lighting was upgraded to downlights and the studio was finished off with our cedar cladding creating an ideal place to play, practice and record music.