Client Name



Stoke Newington


Garden Music Studio


External Dimensions: 4.4m by 2.7m
Internal area: 10m2


We have to date designed many music rooms incorporating specialist build materials to enhance acoustic performance, minimising disturbance to neighbours. Or studios are incredibly robust, completely weatherproof and exceptionally thermally efficient, so the only potentially damp or chilly element of your studio in the garden, is the short journey from the back door! For this client, a piano teacher, our studio offered the perfect solution, freeing up space in the house and providing a comfortable attractive place in which to teach. Of course the studio can be enjoyed for a multitude of other functions.


We designed a studio that maximised the space at the bottom of the garden. The build was tight to the boundary and so our team expertly pre-clad the walls prior to construction. As a general rule, acoustic performance is enhanced by the use of different materials of varying thicknesses and densities to block as wide a spectrum of sound as possible. Our studios being of SIPs (structured insulated panel system) construction, clad with thermowood or western red cedar and if chosen, finished with engineered oak flooring, lend themselves not only to thermal efficiency but acoustic insulation. In addition our gold acoustic package, as chosen by this and many clients, incorporates silent board in the walls, a double layer of 12.5mm acoustic plaster board on the ceiling and impactalay+ under the floor plus acoustic glazing. (Further details of our acoustic solutions can be on the website). For this build the frames were upgraded to powder coated aluminium and the amount of glazing whilst enough to throw significant light into the room, was designed to be moderate, to further maximise acoustic performance. The images show the very narrow window ideal in this scenario, with an integral top hung opening to aid ventilation on warmer days.