Client Name

Lloyd Watson


Shepherds Bush


Garden Music Studio


External Dimensions: 6.2m by 3.7m
Internal Area: 19m2


We design and build bespoke music studios in a wide spectrum of technical specifications to cater for a diversity of function, such as sound recording, piano lessons or band practise. This design needed to fulfill two functions: as an area adequately sound proofed to block out the high decibel bone shaking reverberations of a young musician and his band and a light airy multifunctional space for his mother, ostensibly for music production. Clearly this needed to be a design of two halves as glazing will create a weak point in any acoustically insulated structure.


As with every build, one of our designers met with the client on site to survey the location and discuss with them their requirements and aspirations. This music room was to sit on the site of an existing gazebo and apple tree, which our client chose to remove themselves. We arrived on site ready to level the remaining area and had the concrete pile foundations in by the end of day one. With our client, we had come up with a studio of two halves as the images reveal. Our gold acoustic package was chosen which crucially includes acoustic glazing, thus affording the desired light airy space on the right side of the studio, without compromising on the overall sound proofing. A triple glazed acoustic sky light in the window-less left-hand side of the studio, allowed natural light to flood in with relative impunity. (Detailed information can be found on our website regarding our acoustic solutions.) In addition to structural materials we use within the fabric of the build (such as used acoustic plaster board) the sound proofing can be enhanced retrospectively with the addition of such items as heavy serge curtains, tegular tiles, acoustic corner traps and 'egg box' foam. This bespoke high tech build still had to come in on budget and to that end our client cherry picked the upgrades from our standard Helix studio they most wanted. This included the western red cedar cladding and dimmable LED down lighters plus the installation of WiFi and a wall mounted convector heater. We trust the finished studio proves to be a musical haven for both mother and son. With its well thought through multifunctional design, this garden studio can fulfill many roles, adding value for many decades.