Client Name

Mr Anderson


Reigate, Surrey


Garden Music Studio


Helix Music Room - 6x5


For the build on this project our client wanted a large studio with enhanced acoustic properties in which they could play music to be built at the end of their garden.
The garden itself was on a slope so either the ground would have to be dug out to create a level build site, or groundworks would be raised and steps would be built up to the entrance of the studio.
As the studio was to be used all year round the customer requested heating/air conditioning to installed and other requests included wireless broadband and integral blinds.


All our studios are very efficient in retaining heat but to increase this control of temperature, climate control was installed in this build. This would keep the studio cool in summer and warm in winter making it truly useable all year round regardless of the weather.
The studio was built on a higher level so to gain easy access, decking and steps were built to enable this. The garden sloped around studio creating a very appealing look.
Wireless broadband was installed and other upgrades included engineered wood flooring which were complimented by aluminium framed doors and windows.
To increase the acoustic properties of the build, our gold soundproof option was installed. This includes silentboard in the walls, impactdelay+ in the floor and a double plasterboard layer in the ceiling. This makes the studio very efficient at retaining sound meaning music can be played to loud levels without disturbing the neighbours.
Integral blinds were installed increasing light control and lighting was upgraded from striplights to downlights ending with a beautiful looking finished project.