Client Name

Mr Allen


Higher Walton, Warrington


Garden Gym


Helix 5m x 3m with acoustic package


Mr Allen came to us looking for a purpose built music studio for his son, a very talented musician. He needed something suitably soundproofed so that his son could play and practice his music without disturbing anyone not only in his house but also the neighbours. We have several different soundproofing options and put these to Mr Allen during the design process.
The studio would need internet access to increase the flexibility of the room, but also would allow Mr Allen's son to upload music to the internet or download anything needed to help him play or develop his talents.


With any soundproofed buildings, the weak points will always be the glazing. In the past we have done several music studios with minimal glazing and this project was no different. To minimize any sound escaping this studio only has glazing at the entrance. The large French doors allow easy access not only for people but for any musical instruments that need to be brought in and out. Anything from a piano to a drum kit can be moved into the studio with relative ease, only the weight being an issue.
Broadband internet was provided through the power cable, which was supplied in this case by the clients own electrician. We are happy for people do this and will provide the specification needed to the electrician doing this aspect of the project.
To increase the acoustic insulation of the studio, Mr Allen chose our Bronze Acoustic Package. This includes a double layer of acoustic plasterboard in the walls and ceiling, and an acoustic underlay in the floor. This provide materials of different thicknesses and densities absorbing different sound waves and volumes.
Despite have no windows this is a very attractive building, clad in our pine Thermowood cladding and complimented by the anthracite grey upvc windows and doors.
A large and flexible space, ready for many hours of music.