Client Name

Mrs Cross


Derby, Derbyshire


Garden Office


Helix Centre 4x3


Our client on this project came to us wanting a garden music room in which they could unwind, relax and play and listen to music away from the main house. The room would need to have plenty of light whilst also having a level of privacy and natural light control, and would have to visually appealing as well as it would be the main feature in the garden.
We have several different finishes available and can do a building in almost any shape or size so we would easily be able to create something for Mrs Cross.


The outside finish on our buildings is very important. The first thing you see when you walk into your garden will be your garden studio and you want it to look the best it can. Different finishes appeal to different people, some prefer our Thermowood Pine cladding, others a coloured render, some our Parklex composite finish but most as in this case choose our Western Red Cedar cladding. This is a beautiful wood especially in sunlight and as you will agree looks fantastic on this studio.
This is an upgrade on our Helix range and many people choose to do this, the cedar being the "in choice" wood with many at the moment and we are glad so many choose this option.
As well as this our client chose to upgrade the lighting inside from strip lights to down lights. These are very efficient in terms of energy use and create a smoother ceiling line inside the building.
To help control privacy and natural light in the studio our client chose to add our tailored wooden Venetian blinds. These can block out quite a lot of light if needed whilst providing a high level of privacy for anyone using the studio, you can fully immerse yourself in your music hidden away from the world outside, a lovely feeling.