Client Name

Ms Wyatt


Brentford, London


Garden Office


Helix 4.5m x 3m


Everyone loves to have their own space in which they can either work, relax, escape from the world, practice their hobbies or socialise with friends. This applies to everyone but especially teenagers.
Young adults always seem to want to get away from everyone and be with their friends without parents nagging them or getting in the way, so if they can have somewhere within sight of the house which can be their own designated room this is an ideal solution.
Our client on this project came to us wanting a studio which could be used all year round by her daughter. She wanted a space in which she could relax, play the piano and socialise with her friends. This would be her own little room in the garden where she could immerse herself in her hobbies, music and have time with her friends but within the grounds of the house.
The studio would need plenty of windows to allow lots of light in, but blinds would also be required so anyone using the studio could have plenty of privacy or control the light coming in. Something to heat the studio in winter was also requested, we have a range of options and these would all be put to the client during the planning and design stage.
Our client queried the possibility of having a small cloakroom suite in the studio but this would be decided at a later date based on the feasibility of connecting to an existing outdoor toilet. As with many houses in London this had no direct access to the garden so we would need to provide protective matting to avoid damaging the flooring and walls in the main dwelling.


At Garden Spaces we have made many studios for people to relax and unwind in, from multi use family rooms to, as in this case, somewhere for children to create their own space outside of the house but that can be used all year round no matter what the weather.
The outdoor lavatory provided a suitable connection point for waste and water pipes so a cloakroom suite was added to the design. This would mean anyone using the studios wouldn't need to make a journey back to the house to use the facilities and allows for greater flexibility of the studio should the future use change to overnight accomodation.
All materials were delivered on the first couple of days of the build work starting and these were all carried through the main dwelling. Floor and wall protection was used to avoid any damage and we minimized the number of trips needed through the house to as little as possible.
As requested the front of the studio was made up of large windows and French doors, these provide a large entrance but also allow for plenty of natural light to enter the studio. The windows and doors were then fitted with tailored Venetian blinds which allow for privacy and light control by anyone using the studio.
Internally the cloakroom suite was made as small as possible to avoid taking up too much internal space, and the remaining area provides more than enough room for a sofa or 2, piano and anything else teenagers would want in their own room.
This studio sits at the end of the garden and provides a perfect escape pod for our client and her daughter, no doubt they will both be using it a lot over the coming years.