Client Name





Art Studio


External dimensions: 5.5m by 4m
Internal height: 2.15m(min)
Internal area: 18.5msq


We are delighted with the studio and Brian is busy populating it with his art and music equipment.
We have also been delighted with the service offered by Garden Spaces " your Designer and the install team could not have looked after us better, being very attentive to the detail Brian was looking for. Steve has made very helpful visits while work was being undertaken and the guys on the building team worked incredibly hard " on several occasions more than 10 hours a day " taking great care to fulfil the brief to a high standard.


These clients wished to create a beautiful spacious garden studio. Our designer worked closely with them to ensure the bespoke dimensions fitted perfectly around the various pieces of artist equipment that were to be installed, namely musical instruments, a desk, plus wall space for hanging art work.


Gold Acoustic Package: Used for music rooms where a good level of acoustic enhancement is required.

- Floor: Rubber underlay mat (6mm) plus a layer of Acoustic rubber membrane (2.6mm self-adhesive). Total = 8.6mm

- Walls: Fastener (with incorporated rubber de-coupler - image 10), metal furring strips (41mm) with infill of acoustic mineral wool (30mm), acoustic plasterboard (12.5mm) Total = 53.5mm (image 10)

- Ceiling: Resilient bar (13.5mm) and acoustic plasterboard (12.5mm) Total = 26mm (See image)

- Acoustic Glazing: An important feature as glazing, though lovely for natural light levels, is weakest point acoustically.

uPVC frames: In anthracite grey, surrounding energy efficient double glazing. The doors have high security 5-point locking and the window lock is key operated.

Bespoke glazing: A set of French doors (1.6m by 2.05m) between fixed glazed panels (each 0.8m by 2.05m) plus a high window on the side wall, perfectly positioned so Mr Hanson can enjoy the views as he drums.

Electrics: 6 internal and 3 external dimmable LED down-lights, plus 4 double power sockets, installed by our electrician and of course Part P certificated.