Client Name





Garden Gym


External Dimensions: 5m by 3.4m
Internal Area: 13m2


Our clients had been contemplating a garden office for some time and so naturally had researched the market well. Their vision was for a space used essentially as an office but ideally large enough to house some gym equipment. It seems that little rest would had in this bespoke garden studio! The views from the plot of garden designated for this build are stunning and so capturing those while maintaining enough usable wall-space to remain practicable, was an important consideration during design.


Some large shrubs were removed and the sloping ground leveled, particularly to the rear of the site, before building began. We use concrete pile foundations (unless ground conditions or the function of the studio dictate otherwise). These sit approximately 2.2m apart and 0.5m deep (again dependent on ground conditions). A degree of gradient can be ameliorated by graduating the height of the concrete piles to create a precisely level platform for the studio base. The concrete piles are topped with sturdy rubber jack pads, covered by a waterproof breathable membrane and then the SIPs (structured insulated panel) that form the base of the studio, laid on top.
As mentioned capitalising on the views from this vantage point was key. To that end the design incorporated bi folds across the front linking to two fixed side panels creating a glazed corner. In addition a large top hung window (sitting 105cm from the floor) on the opposite wall allowed someone working at their desk to still enjoy the views.
The studio was clad in western red cedar and finished with twelve internal and five external Aurora LED down lighters, four double power sockets, a wall mounted convector heater and Wi-Fi. A great space capturing the surrounding scenery whilst providing a warm, light haven whilst working and working out.