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Garden Studio


External Dimensions: 27m by 6m
Internal Area: 152m2
Images: "Barn design Copyright 2012 JTennet All Rights Reserved"


This client saw our stand at the Grand Designs Show in 2014 and approached us regarding her project. She already had the designs and planning consent to build a large barn on a field site within the grounds of her property and was very taken with the benefits of the SIPs construction we are experts in. Her barn design incorporated a steeply sloping roof, huge sliding door entrances and two cloakrooms which were to be serviced by a septic tank rather than tapping into the main sewer. As well as the main build with the respective power and water supply, our remit included the creation of a long driveway.


As the images reflect, this build was substantial and distinctly unique, as designed by our client. The entire construction is of SIPs (structured insulated Panels) as with all our builds. The roof was reinforced to support the additional weight of the photovoltaic panels* on the rear face as were the door thresholds, to withstand the weight of heavy machinery in and out. The brick line seen below the black painted ship-lap feather edged cladding is actually brick slips, fixed to battens, grouted in and attached to the SIPs. The effective is of a traditional brick and shiplap construction yet it has the rigidity, total weather resistance and high thermal insulation afforded by the SIPs beneath. Internally the entire structure was plastered and painted with two WCs and large sinks positioned at either end of the barn. These were serviced by a septic tank system installed to the rear of the building (essentially a small-scale sewage treatment system ideal in areas with no connection to main sewage pipes). Our electrician installed twenty strip lights and twenty double power sockets, plus two wall mounted convector heaters for the really cold winter weeks. Finally we prepared the ground and laid the hard core and coping stones for the 277 meters of driveway.

*Solar PV installation by Solargreen Ltd