Client Name



London TW1


Garden Music Studio


External dimensions: 5.39m by 3.38m
Internal height: 2.35m(min)
Internal area: 11.3msq
Internal Storage area: 2.8msq


Our client wanted to create extra space that was sound insulated, in which to practise the bag pipes in peace! The build sits tight to the boundary, making construction a skilled affair but ensuring maximum use of the space. Any glazing is creates weak point acoustically, however, our client made an informed choice to include glazed doors and panels provide lovely light and provide a more multi-functional room.


Site Preparation: The Garden Spaces installation team cleared and levelled the site in preparation for the screw pile foundations.

Integral Storage area: Great for garden tools and bikes.

Platinum Acoustic Package:

  • Floor: 3-layer acoustic underlay mat (image 7)
  • Walls: Fastener (with incorporated rubber de-coupler), metal furring strips (41mm) with infill of acoustic mineral wool (30mm), acoustic plasterboard (12.5mm) - Acoustic rubber membrane (2.6mm self-adhesive) - Acoustic plasterboard (12.5mm). Total = 68.6mm
  • Ceiling: Acoustic rubber membrane (2.6mm self-adhesive) on SIP (Structural insulated panel), Resilient bar (13.5mm) and acoustic plasterboard (12.5mm). Total = 28.6mm
  • Acoustic Glazing: An important feature as glazing though lovely for light, is weakest point acoustically.

Climate Control: The Fujitsu LT unit is an exceptionally energy efficient, quiet unit with remote control and sensors. More details can be found on our website.

Engineered oak flooring: Looks and feels fabulous and enhances the overall acoustic insulation of the building. Comes with 25 year warranty.

Certificated electrics: 6 internal and 3 external dimmable LED down-lights, a pendant light in the store room and 4 double power sockets.