Client Name



West Sussex


Garden Room


External Dimensions: 7.28 m by 5.08 m
Internal Area: 32 msq


The build team were very organised and great communicators with what was happening with our annex build each day. Suitable advice was given on the best outcome of how things were placed and reasons behind them. Every day the team were hard working and leaving the site tidy at the end of each day. They were actually a pleasure to have here as always smiling and easy to approach. They have done a great professional job and we are very happy with their level of professionalism and hard work. What was very noticeable was the level of pride and care and effort they put into the end product. Thanks guys 🙂


Getting onto the property ladder is a tough step for the younger generation. Many have little option but to rent or continue living with their parents, for far longer than they hoped or anticipated. One solution if space permits, (and equally popular for our older generation), is to build a garden annex. Mrs Rogers made the decision to install a living space in her garden for her son, to give him the independence and privacy he needed, without the financial burden of a second property.


This design, as with all our studios was a joint effort, our designer offering expertise, ideas and costings whilst our clients decided on proportions, layout and aesthetics. As with any intended living space, planning was required. We dealt with this paperwork process. The authorities were happy and consented with their only caveat being that the cedar cladding be extended around the sides of the building, where it was on view to the neighbours. Being a clay soil, pile foundations were not suitable and a reinforced concrete raft was laid onto which the SIPs (structured insulated panels) building was constructed. The studio layout included a lounge, separate bedroom and ensuite shower room. Many features not immediately obvious from the images were included; for example the lounge ceiling was reinforced to take the weight of a TRX suspension training system. The wiring for an overhead projector was also installed in said ceiling. The shower of the ensuite was extra wide, with tiles (provided by our client installed by us), a heated towel rail and anti-mist mirror. We offer a range of acoustic enhancements and this bedroom was sound proofed using acoustic plaster board and glazing. A final noteworthy detail is the additional height. If a studio remains at 2.5m externally it is likely to be built within permissible development but here, given that we had to go through planning anyway, additional height was requested and granted. Over all, a sturdy, warm yet 'pretty cool' living space for any young adult!