Client Name

Mr Abromowitz


Kingston Upon Thames, London


Garden Office


Helix 9x6 with store area


Mr Abromowitz came to us looking for an out building that could be used as extra accomodation allowing outdoor living.
The studio would need plenty of internal space along with a kitchenette area and some intergrated storage if possible.
There was a large tree on the proposed site which our client wanted to keep and if we could incorporate this into the design it would create a very impressive looking centre piece. We would consider this during the design stage of the project and measurements were taken at the site survey to guarantee the tree would not be damaged or hinder the studio's design.


At Garden Spaces we have built studios for almost every purpose imaginable from gyms and play rooms to cinemas and guest accomodation so had no problem fulfilling Mr Abromowitz's request. We have created several studios with integrated storage, all of which use the same cladding as the studio to hide the location of the room. Only the door handle gives it away. We created a large room with a power socket and strip light to allow the room to maximise it's usage.
The main room of the studio is large, bright and airy with bifolding doors on all front facades allowing the whole front of the studio to be opened up on warm days. This blends the inside and outside environments perfectly and makes for a very flexible social space.
The flooring inside the studio is our engineered oak floor which compliments the Balau hardwood decking beautifully. As you can see from the photographs, we built the studio and canopy around the tree and the effect is fantastic as we're sure you'll agree. The overhang covers a large area of the decked area allowing it to be used all year round, not just when the sun is shining.
Mr Abromowitz chose our Helix spec studio but has upgraded the cladding from Thermowood Pine to Western Red Cedar. Other upgrades include chrome down lights inside the studio, and match chrome power sockets and light switches. The windows and doors are powder coated aluminium and are matched to the powder coated roof trim making for a fantastic and very useable space.
Our client provided a kitchen he had purchased elsewhere and we fitted this for him as part of the project. A water heater was installed under the counter top and the cupboards provide easy access storage space.
To keep the studio warm in winter, a wall mounted electric convector heater was specified making the studio perfect all year round, no matter what the weather.