Client Name

Mr Marshall


Stockwell, London


Garden Music Studio


Custom Helix 4x4 Music Studio
With various enhancements for 'Baby Grand Piano'


Managed to do a really efficient job in an incredibly short time... were courteous and hard-working, plus willing to adapt to changes whenever I required them... Roger's team are definitely recommended.


As a musician who enjoys working from home Mr Marshall came to Garden Spaces looking for a way to add more space to provide a dedicated area for his baby grand piano. Moving the piano to a dedicated music room would free up valuable space in the house and mean Mr Marshall's pride and joy could be played away from family distractions.
A high level of acoustic performance would be required as not only would the room be used for practice but also for recording purposes and therefore outside noise had to be eliminated. Internally care had to be taken to ensure no additional interference would be present.
The new music room would be built upon an existing concrete slab and would be replacing a competitors building which had developed leaks primarily due to the materials that had been used.


Our Helix solution was carefully tailored for the specific project requirements and took into consideration the budget constraints and the necessary acoustic requirements. By opting for a Helix studio we were able to provide a design with cost savings in certain areas while allowing for upgrades specific to the buildings musical purpose.
High specification acoustic glazing was chosen which provides a secure and practical solution housed within the upvc frames. The double glazed units are made of different thicknesses of laminated panes which helps seal the room and avoid unwanted vibrations.
Power was routed to the building from the main property which was used for internal spot lights and the external up and down lighters. Sockets were fitted internally within the plastered walls for powering the recording equipment and an upgraded climate control system was included. The air conditioning unit was an ultra quiet, ground mounted model with the compressor sited externally to remove unwanted sound and vibration.
Clad with our standard Helix cedar wood and finished with wooden blinds the building sits neatly within the garden space at the rear of the property and provides our client with the dedicated recording space he desired.