Client Name



Hampstead Heath


Garden Gym


External dimensions: 3.8m by 3m
Internal Area: 8.9


The time saving and flexibility to train in a personalised environment, a few steps down the garden from home, was a desirable lifestyle choice for this client. As with all our studios, they generally start life with one function but of course as necessity or choice dictates, their role can change as the unit itself is built to last as long as your home. Not requiring planning is a key attraction for the majority of our builds but if the studio sits closer than 2 metres from any boundary line, the total height of a flat roofed construction must not exceed 2.5 metres (measured from the highest point of surrounding ground). Our client was keen to avoid planning yet achieve 2.8 metres height to gain the additional head room required within the gym.


A substantial amount of ground work was required in preparation for this build, which included digging into a bank at the rear of the garden and building a retaining wall. We do this using steels and railway sleepers giving an attractive finish that appears landscaped rather than excavated! The soil we removed was conveniently used to fill a redundant trampoline pit, thus reducing the number of skips required ergo costs. By digging into the bank the additional height required was legitimately achieved. As with all our designs we are very willing and able to make revisions if voiced in a timely manner; this build being no exception to a number of revisions. The studio is a Helix specification, with a number of popular upgrades including our kiln dried FSC Western Red Cedar cladding. This even grained wood can be left to silver with no impact on longevity or oiled annually (a speedy process requiring little finesse to be effective) to maintain the deep golden colour. Powder coated aluminium bifolds were also budgeted in, allowing that fabulous openness and connection with the garden when weather permits. Completing the design, three external and four internal Aurora LED down lights, three internal double power sockets, a wall mounted convector heater and wireless broadband were installed. We trust many hours of training can be enjoyed in this fabulous environment, a value adding addition to the Fellerman garden.