Client Name

Mrs Moran


Twickenham, London


Garden Gym


Helix 5m x 4m


Many people work from home these days and this work can take all forms from sales work to telephone work, designing to exercising. This last one being the case for our client on this project. As a pilates teacher they had clients coming to their home for classes and wanted to build a purpose fit studio in their garden from which they could run these. The building would need plenty of light and be easy to get in and out of to allow for clients of any shape and size.
Internet access would also be needed so that our client could operate from the building in between classes and maintain email contact with their own clients.
There was no direct access to the garden itself so all materials would have to be carried through the main dwelling and we would need to take this in to consideration when undetaking the project.


At Garden Spaces we pride ourselves on being able to design and provide a building to match any purpose and fit into any shape and size of garden even if access is difficult. In many instances we have carried materials through the main dwelling taking extra care not to cause any damage and keep disturbance to a minimum. This is done partly by having expert builders who are both curtious and efficient, and also by having the main bulk if not all of the building materials delivered on the first day of construction. This reduces the number of trips through the house and allows for minimal disruption to our clients and their families.
Once in the garden construction went ahead with ease. The building has our standard French doors on the front but also have bifolding doors at the rear of the building. This creates a light tunnel effect within the studio allowing plenty of natural light in as well as easy access from both front and rear. The studio fits halfway down the garden so to get to the end you must pass through the building. This means you can admire the studio from anywhere in the garden. These doors and windows were upgraded from our upvc option to the powder coated aluminium.
Internally the lighting was changed from strip lights to down lighters creating a professional atmosphere within as well as from the exterior. Wireless broadband internal was installed as requested as well as climate control which heats in winter and cools and dehumidifies in the summers. This means the temperature will always be optimal no matter how large a class our client was taking throughout the year.
A lovely building.