Client Name



St Albans


Garden Office


External dimensions: 4.29m by 3.29m
Internal area: 4.3msq


This client approached Garden Spaces to design and install a compact contemporary garden studio that was to utilise the entire width of her garden. It was to be a place for relaxing and playing her saxophone and to that end the design included our gold acoustic package as detailed below. It is worth noting that glass will increase acoustic leak and to that end we encourage minimal glazing for studios where sound insulation is important. Naturally, many clients prefer a degree of acoustic compromise in order to create a more multi-functional, inviting and sunny studio.


Gold Acoustic package: We offer a comprehension range of acoustic enhancements to suit individual needs. Our gold package consists of the following:

- Walls - Batten, acoustic mineral wool & wall panel (52.5mm)

- Ceiling - Acoustic ceiling panel (22.5mm)

- Floor - Acoustic underlay mat (10mm)

- Acoustic Glazing

Sedum roof: As well as looking fantastic especially from the upper rooms of the house, a living sedum roof harnesses many other benefits:

- Wildlife: Sedum roofs create a great habitat for mini beasts and provide food for butterflies, bees and seed-eating birds. The spent flower stalks supply nesting material for birds.

- Added insulation: Research has found that living roofs stabilise and moderate the temperature of the studio below.

- Rainwater management: A green roof absorbs up to 75% of rainfall and releases it slowly. 

- Noise reduction: A sedum living roof significantly reduce noise inside a building. 

- Improved air quality: CO2 is absorbed, while dust and pollutants are filtered out.

- Wellbeing: It is well documented that looking on to organic greenery is good for wellbeing and aids concentration.

Maximising available space: As the images demonstrate, this studio was installed tight up to the boundary, with the only access being through the house.

Bespoke covered storage area: The right side of this studio has a deep overhanging roof which creates useful sheltered storage below, accessible through a 'secret' clad door.  

Windows and doors: French doors make this studio light and airy and the top hung window on the rear wall, ensures good ventilation. The frames are uPVC with acoustic glazing.

Heating and Cooling: A Fujitsu LT high spec climate control unit was installed by experts and will provide precise programmable temperature and humidity levels winter and summer.

Electrics: Drawn from the mother board in the house via 10mm 3 core armoured cable, our electrician installed 4 internal and 4 external LED down-lights and 3 double power sockets, all Part P certified.