Client Name

Mr & Mrs Peppin




Garden Office


Helix Centre 4x3
(with western red cedar cladding and integral blinds)


We looked long and hard at the different products on the market before going for Garden Spaces. Whilst we liked the product there is no way of telling in advance what the service will be like. As it turned out, both the product and the service exceeded any expectations we had. From the initial visit to the final completion, everything worked like clockwork and we cannot praise the staff highly enough. The job was completed ahead of schedule with no short cuts taken. We were given assurances from the outset that after care service would be provided, but we do not anticipate having to call on that!


With three teenage daughters the Peppins desperately needed extra room within their home to provide space for relaxing with friends, home work and entertaining.
The proposed site would be overlooked by both the client's and neighbouring properties and therefore a sympathetic design would be required to ensure the building was not seen as obtrusive.


Clad with out western red cedar the new building was sited in the garden which was subsequently landscaped.
Concerns over the size and appearance of the new room were countered with the addition of a natural living sedum roof.
The upvc glazing installed was as standard in our Helix studio range but was upgraded to include integral blinds. Mounted within the glass void, integral blinds remove the need for cleaning and are safe from potential damage while still providing a choice between extra light and privacy.