Client Name

Mr & Mrs Patel




Garden Office


Helix Studio Centre 3x2


From the first time we had had the plan to have an outdoor space to the point our room was completed - Garden Spaces have been fantastic. Their website was full of relevant information required in our planning as well as easy to use. Roger was very approachable and helpful during the survey and very accommodating in letting us view his own studio! And finally we received excellent service and professionalism during the build from his team. We are really pleased with the final product.


The Patel family urgently needed some extra space having recently had their second child. Their mid terrace property was running out of room for everyone and with a limited budget a solution was required. It was decided that by installing the garden studio a move could be avoided which was the preferred choice as the family were happy in their home.
The property had limited access to a small garden at the rear and there was a need to route power from the house to the studio within the budget.


The chosen solution was designed around our Helix studio range and has provided much need space for the children to play and use as a video room. The small garden space was accessed with agreement from the neighbours at the rear with minimal disruption. Power was provided to the building from the fuse box at the front of the main property by running (fishing) the cable through the house underneath the existing floorboards. Over all the project is a neat example of a garden studio built within the confines of limited space.