Client Name

Mr & Mrs Wherlock




Garden Studio


Helix Studio Left 3x2
with upgrade to cedar cladding


Great customer service from start to finish including dealing with the local planning office when we had all but given up any hope of building a room. The onsite building team were efficient and courteous leaving the site clean and tidy, maybe better than when they arrived, all achieved during challenging January weather conditions. The finished product was exactly as promised and we are looking forward to completing the surrounding landscaping this spring. If you are looking for a company that delivers on promises and is a pleasure to deal with we can recommend Garden Spaces.


This project in Middlesex would provide a new garden building with views across the River Thames. The clients were looking at alternatives to conservatories and were particularly interested in a stand alone garden building as it would be possible to site the room away from the house to capitalise on the river views and tranquility of the rest of the garden.
As a stand alone room that would be used primarily as additional living space and for relaxing it was important the space would remain warm whilst still having large glazed panels to bring light inside the room.
With limited space in the garden our design would need to be tailored to the proposed location of the building.


Having presented our garden room designs to the client some details were tweaked to their preferences. The upvc frame colour 'Golden Oak' was one such choice which was requested as it helped the building fit within its surroundings. Wood featured elsewhere the garden and in the construction of the main property was of a similar colour and so the new garden room would sit neatly in its new home.
The building was built on top of an existing concreted area which provided a suitable base and power for lighting and sockets was run neatly beneath some existing decking.
To ensure the room would remain warm our high performance glazed units were installed which are excellent at keeping the temperature constant, even in the depths of winter. The glass panels are also heat reflective making them a useful addition to conservatories or garden rooms as the room can be kept cool while still allowing the light to be enjoyed.
The building also featured a second door to the rear which provides simple access from the house. This is an option many clients choose as it means the space can be approached without walking through a landscaped area or over a lawn.