Client Name

Mr and Mrs Byrne


Totteridge Green, London


Garden Office


Helix 5x3


The customer on this build came to us wanting a studio which they could use as a home office, but would incorporate a large covered seating area on which they could entertain guests and friends. They wanted the studio to have a toilet and a cloakroom to make the space as versatile as possible.


The customer's garden on this build was very long. We had hoped to be able to plumb the toilet into the house's existing sewage system however the run from the house to the studio was too long.
To overcome this we installed a small Bio-Pure sewage treatment system which meant we didn't have to dig up the garden to install new pipes and allowed the studio to be self-sufficient. These small systems are very efficient and unobtrusive. They can be adapted to any individual project and come with a 25 year manufacturers guarantee.
To create the covered seating area we created the studio with a large cantilever overhang with a deck, this was finished using our Thermowood which requires minimal to no maintenance. This made a splendid entertaining space perfectly complimented with seating ensuring it met the customer's needs.
A cloakroom was installed meaning plenty of storage space and the lighting was upgraded from strip lighting to down lighting.
To make the office space comfortable for year round use, climate control was included in the build. These systems are energy efficient air-to-air heat pump solutions. These not only heat and cool the studios but also dehumidify and circulate the air meaning no matter what the weather outside, the studio is always untainted on the inside.