Client Name

Mr Millidge


Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex


Garden Office


Helix Left 5x3


If you work from home it can often be full of distractions, from children running around wanting your attention to pets doing the same. Music, television, snack from the kitchen can all make working from home a little disruptive and hard to concentrate. To have a seperate space from where you can work is often needed whether it be a loft conversion, seperate room or as we are finding more and more, a garden studio office.
This is what our client wanted on this build. They needed a bespoke office space where they could work in peace without disruption from family and other home distractions. The building would also double up as a family room in which people could relax out of office hours.


All the models we have on offer make perfect office spaces. They are quiet on the inside, attractive on the outside and can be customized to suit any purpose or layout. In this instance our client wanted plenty of windows to allow natural light into the studio allowing for views over their garden and house, and plenty of wall space for shelving and other storage solutions.
This studio is from our Helix range and is finished in our Thermowood Pine cladding, which combined with the upvc windows and doors and aluminium roof trim create a professional looking finish whilst the interior provides a perfect working environment. The large French doors and full length screens allow for easy access as well as plenty of natural light. The French doors can be hooked open on warm summer days allowing for good air flow and nice working conditions. Thanks to the thermal properties of the studio it is perfect for year round use no matter how cold the weather in winter. This will also double as a cozy place to relax when not working and give somewhere for all the family to escape to and unwind.
The lighting was upgraded from strip lights to brushed chrome down lights which add a high quality finish to the inside whilst providing more than enough light when dark outside.
This studio blends in beautifully with the garden and surrounding trees providing a tucked away feel whilst not being completely hidden, a lovely space to work rest and play.