Client Name

Mr and Mrs Cuddihy


Ruislip, Greater London


Garden Music Studio


Helix Left 5x3


As more and more people start working for themselves, or jobs allow them to work from home we are finding lots of people want to have a bespoke workplace within their homes. Some have the space to do this within their houses but some don't have this luxury and look to build something suitable in the garden. This is a great way to gain extra space without having to move house or rent an office which can often be an expensive and tedious task.
Our garden studios make perfect offices which can be used all year round and this is what our clients came to us for on this build. The area they wanted to build on was quite saturated with water and sloped slightly so we would need to take this into consideration when planning the project.
They wanted the studio to have a small decked area on which they could either work on in summer, or entertain guests, friends and family alike as well as some privacy blinds and plenty of lighting. All parts of the project were looked into and researched so we had a good idea of what to do when designing their studio.


We have encountered all sorts of different ground conditions when building studios and we can create solutions for every type imaginable. In this situation we had saturated ground and a slope to take into consideration. To overcome the ground conditions we installed a soak away drain which would take care of excess water and provide some stability to the ground. When we have to deal with sloping ground there are 2 options, either dig out the raised soil to create a clear and level site, or build up on side of the foundations to match the level with the higher ground. This is what we did on this project, it is generally more cost effective to do it this way and an ideal solution.
This slight increase is nicely hidden from view by the decking area and shadowgap boards. The decking is large enough for a table and chairs making it perfect for outdoor dining and entertaining in the summer, whilst also providing an extra space should our clients wish to work outdoors on warm days. One of the best aspects of our studios is their flexibility, they really can be used for any purpose. This may start its life as an office but could easily become a playroom, tv room or hideaway should you wish to remove yourself from family every now and then.
The studio though from our Helix range features a couple of upgrades. Externally the studio is finished in our Western Red Cedar which matches the hardwood decking nicely and creates a very nice looking building.
Internally the office has upgraded down lighters rather than strip lights and to add a level of privacy and natural light control integrated blinds were fitted to all windows and doors. These are a great solution and by being built within the glazing are free from damage and dust.
For added security and a PIR light was installed and the studio is also linked up to the main dwelling's alarm system. Perfect peace of mind in a perfect office.
A lovely build.