Client Name

Mr Cornish


Four Elms, Kent


Garden Office


Helix Studio Right 5x3


The customer for this build at the time of contacting us was living and working abroad. They wanted a self-contained office space from which they could work all year round.
The customer wanted the building complete for when they moved back to this country so all quotes and designs would have to send via email and telephone.
The specification for this build was an office which would include a kitchenette and washroom with a toilet, with a large decking area outside opening up into the garden.


With the customer being abroad from the start of the project, we sent very detailed quotes and designs via email. Extra attention was paid to meet the customer's needs as they would not be around once construction had started. All measurements, studio placement and design were completed and sent to the customer and once they were happy we went ahead with construction.
The build was completed before the customer returned from abroad was ready to be used as soon as they were ready.
The small kitchen and washroom were installed meaning the office was completely multi-purpose and would double up as an evening entertaining space, especially with the large decking area.
The large windows meant there was plenty of light in the office, making the studio very efficient both in terms of energy use and proficiency.
To increase storage, a cloakroom was built and the whole studio was finished in our cedar cladding making the office building very attractive. This was complimented with our hardwood deck.