Client Name

Frog Bikes Ltd


Englefield Green, Surrey


Garden Gym


Helix 9x3 with kitchenette


We are delighted with our new office in the garden, it's light and comfortable, and blends in very well in the garden. The finish quality is excellent, and we liked the ease of choosing all the options that were available to us. It precisely meets our brief, and at a very reasonable price. The on-site team were excellent, very hard working and finished in just over 3 weeks, despite some awful weather conditions.

The lighting is great, especially the outside lights at night. Furthermore, it heats up quickly and seems to retain warmth very efficiently. I would have no hesitation recommending Garden Spaces to friends.


Many businesses are now run from home. With the developments in office based software, mobile communications and online based purchasing it has become increasingly more efficient to run a business from home. The problem with this is having your office surrounded by day to day life, there are many distractions from pets and children, to the television and games consoles. To have a bespoke garden office helps solve all these problems at the same time freeing up space in the house.
Frog Bikes Ltd came to us wanting a bespoke office from which they and their staff could work in a professional environment all year round. The studio would need full telecommunications and internet access for everyone using the office, as well as a cloakroom suite and possibly a small kitchenette unit.
The office would be over looking the garden so large windows were requested to allow nice views over the garden, but without loosing too much wall space against which desks would be positioned. We would consider this during the design process.


We have created many offices in different shapes and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is their suitability for year round use. Many people have come to us who work from small rented offices which are cold and damp in winter, and like saunas in summer. Our studios are design to be warm in winter and cool in summer, providing the perfect environment for office based work.
This design cleverly incorporates the large windows requested, but evenly spaced out along the front wall to allow plenty of wall and desk space offering nice views over the garden. Our clients had their own telecommunications agent and he worked in tandem with out installation team to provide the necessary internet and telephone connections from the main dwelling to the office.
The studio was fitted with a small cloakroom suite and we also fitted a small corner kitchenette unit with sink allow for enough space for a microwave and kettle, along with storage for plates, mugs and biscuits. This allows staff to have everything they need contained in one bespoke setting. This is a fantastic looking studio and provides a lovely place to work.