Client Name

Mr Driver


Newport, Wales


Garden Music Studio


Helix 6x5


Mr Driver came to us with a very specific project. He had a large library of books and needed a bespoke building which would not only be able to accomodate them comforably in terms of space, but would also be able to take the weight of the shelves and books themselves.
Mr Driver had ordered some bespoke shelves for the studio and we would design the studio around these to guarantee the right sized studio was created and would allow enough room for someone to walk between the racks, as well as having a comfortable seating area in which to read and unwind.


Due to the weight demands on the studio, we felt our standard concrete pile foundations may not be suitable for this project. To ensure a strong enough base we installed a full concrete slab covering the full footprint of the studio. This would provide a very solid based for the floor panels to sit on allowing for a very strong floor and would easily take the weight of the studio, racks and books.
Our client was very involved in the design of this particular studio, the window locations were set at specific locations to allow for the most comfortable reading environment possible whilst not allowing too much light in to fade any book covers.
A small seating area was created in one corner of the studio with plenty of space between each rack of books. The lighting as you can see from the pictures is our butterfly strip light units which cast equal amounts of light around the room from a low energy source.
As well as wall mounted power sockets, Mr Driver asked for 2 sockets to be set into the floor, allowing for additional lamps or other units to be plugged in at convenient locations.
The end product is a perfect library in which to sit, unwind and relax.