Client Name

Mr Badini


Haringey, London


Garden Gym


Helix 7x3


"Good morning Gents,

Just a quick note to let you know that the studio was completed yesterday and it looks magnificent!
It's difficult to find professionals like you guys these days.
I was very impressed from the very beginning when Brian visited, right through to yesterday afternoon when Costi handed me back my house keys.
Costi and his team were not only incredibly talented and impressive in there work ethic, they were also extremely polite and always left everything very tidy and clean. A real bunch of professionals and really nice guys!
The gym equipment is being delivered on Saturday and we are looking forward to getting started.
Thank you all very much for doing a superb job and I look forward to your final invoice."

"It has been a pleasure working with your company and I wish you all continued success".


Exercise and fitness, it's one of the most popular trends around and shows no sign of slowing down. More and more people are out running, cycling, climbing, playing team sports or just going to the gym. We are getting more enquiries about home gyms than ever and this was exactly what our client on this project came to us for.
He wanted a studio which would be used as a gym at the end of his garden. It would need to be large enough to accomodate different types of gym equipment with a floor that would not be damaged by these, plenty of natural light and some form of temperature control which would be suitable all year round to provide ideal conditions in which to exercise and work out.
We have many different flooring and heating options as well as almost unlimited scope for window and door layouts so we were very confident we could create not only a practical building for Mr Badini but also something visually unique and stunning.
There was an existing electricity supply in a nearby shed which our client hoped we could use to power the studio, this would be checked by our electrician to make sure it could handle the demands not only of the shed but also the new building. Providing it passed our electricians tests we could use this rather than running cables all the way to the main house. We try to keep disruption to a minimum so any areas where we can do this we will.


As you can see from our gym testimonials page we have done many different shapes and styles of gym from traditional timber clad buildings through to painted and rendered buildings.
Our client on this build wanted something different, something unique and we were more than happy to create something to meet his demands. As you can see from the pictures this is a stunning studio. The large windows and doors allow plenty of natural light into the studio whilst providing views back towards the house and garden making it a fantastic place in which to exercise and work out.
The large windows slide open to open up the studio on warm days allowing plenty of airflow and adding to the atmosphere within the studio. In winter, or warm days where the doors are closed, a climate control system was installed. These not only provide air conditioning on hot days, but also heat, dehumidify and circulate the air in the studio ensuring no matter what Mother Nature is doing outside, conditions inside will always be optimal.
To withstand the pressures of gym equipment and people exercising a round stud rubber floor was installed. This is very hardwearing and designed with gyms in mind. In this colour it also compliments the look of the building beautifully. To add to the professional look of the gym, mirrored walls were installed adding a light and airy feel inside the studio whilst providing the illusion of an even more cavernous interior. These also help you see your technique and form whilst exercising allowing correct exercising methods and aid in the prevention of injury.
The exterior of the building is finished in our white polymer render and complimented by the black framed windows and doors and the matching roof trim. To finish off the building a large decked area was specified and installed which provides a space on which not only to exercise but also socialise and relax on warm days.
A fantastic looking gym ready for many years of use.