Client Name

Mr Sawhney




Garden Gym


Helix Studio
7.5m by 4m


We all have busy lives so that time to unwind and keep fit can be at a premium. The flexibility and the convenience of a garden gym is indisputable whether you have long or antisocial working hours or a busy parent whose only free time is when small people are sleeping but you're still bound to the house. Not only is time saved popping across the lawn to your lovely garden studio, but over time, a small fortune in gym membership and travel costs!
So, our client wanted to create a bespoke gym in his back garden. It, as with most gyms, needed to be at least 2.65m high, in order to house the gym equipment yet retain enough head height. Other design considerations were given to lighting, flooring and security.


Building height is a common issue with gyms but the solution is generally very straight forward. The area of ground that we build on is lowered by approximately 150mm and the floor effectively countersunk. Note that this 2.5m measurement is taken from the highest point of top soil around the building. No piece of ground is ever perfectly level, so there is rarely much ground excavation required, to conform to regulations yet still achieve adequate internal height. Our client arranged for the ground to be prepared but we can do this on your behalf if preferred. The rear wall of the studio, being less than a meter from the boundary, was backed with non-combustible cement particle board. This we paint with RAL coded weatherproof paint that matches the window frames (in this instance RAL 7016 " anthracite grey). A number of upgrades from our standard helix studio package gave our client the bespoke solution he desired. These included aluminium frames, Western Red cedar cladding and halogen down lighters. The helix floor is a 10mm quality laminate that will with stand the stresses of dropped weights or shifting equipment. The side windows were included to increase natural light and create lovely through drafts on those hot summer days. With so much expensive equipment on view security is important. All our glazing is of toughened glass, doors fitted with high security locks and windows with key locks. In addition our client chose to have a PIR light fitted and, with power now piped out there, a hugely useful external weatherproof double socket was installed. A fabulous facility to have the garden with the choice of course of altering its function over the years if requirements and desires change.