Client Name

Mr and Mrs Leeming


Devizes, Wiltshire


Garden Office


Helix Studio with storage


An excellent service from start to finish

The building team were polite, hard working and very friendly " would be happy to have them back

Absolutely exceeded our expectations " the Studio is wonderful " excellent quality and workmanship throughout

Not sure how you can improve " am already hoping to use Garden Spaces to replace an unsatisfactory extension

The only problem we have found with having our Studio is we now have to make the garden look as good as building! We would have no hesitation in recommending them " in fact we have already had friends asking who we used!


When children are young they like to be around their parents, however as they get older they want to have their own space where they can relax, unwind and generally escape from Mum and Dad. This was the case with this project. The clients had teenage children who needed their own space where they could spend time with friends, get away from the house and have somewhere where they could play both their musical instruments and listen to their music as well without disturbing anyone else around them.
As with all teenagers they wanted internet access so this would need to be incorporated into the design of the building. From the parents point of view they also wanted the studio to be functional beyond the use of the children and requested an in-built storage area to be included in the design.


This building makes for a perfect hangout. Internally providing plenty of space for sofas, musical instruments and teenagers. The large French doors provide plenty of natural light as well as a large enough entrance should items such as a pool table ever be wanted in the studio.
To keep the conditions inside the building constant, our climate control system was installed. This not only heats and cools but also dehumidifies and circulates the air providing perfect conditions all year round. This unit combined with the thermal insulating properties of our building materials really work well no matter what the weather outside, inside all will be comfortable.
To provide not only the space the teenagers wanted, wireless broadband internet was installed. This can also be used for games consoles and mobile phones.
With regard to the functionality aspect, an external storage area was incorporated into the design of the building. This is accessed from the outside of the building and provides a tasteful and discreet room which negates the need for a shed which can sometimes be a little unsightly compared to the studio itself.
Externally this building is finished in our cedar cladding whilst the windows and doors are our upvc specification. All in all, an attractive room no doubt the envy of the parents.