Client Name





Garden Office


External Dimensions: 5.6m by 3.59m
Internal Area: 15.7msq


I'd like to say how pleased we are with our studio - it looks fantastic! The boys worked really hard, and were very accommodating.


Many of our studios are created to furnish budding new businesses with the space to expand and consolidate. This client was developing a floristry business and so together, we designed a bespoke studio that had adequate capacity for a central work station, space to store equipment and stock plus have a kitchenette. The gap between their house and garage provided the perfect plot for her studio and our contemporary style promised to blend beautifully with the main property and surrounding neighbourhood.


A key requirement for floristry work is masses of natural light. The majority of our studio's (apart from sound studios, intentionally designed with minimal glazing) boast fabulous light from our A-rated toughened argon filled glazing, be it floor to ceiling fixed panels, bifolds, French doors or windows. Additionally we can install roof lights made with self-cleaning triple glazing. These are particular valuable where a studio is in shadow or the client requires additional natural light regardless of time of day. The ability to control this bountiful light is equally important especially when handling delicate flowers and so integral blinds were chosen. The deep return to the left of the bifolds was incorporated into the design to create an area for shelving and storage. When a studio includes waste water, as with this one, Building Regulation inspections and sign off are required, which we arrange. Here, the Thornleys chose to use their own contractor to subsequently install the kitchenette so we liaised to ensure the first fix plumbing was exactly where needed. Overall, a stylish yet functional studio which we trust is the site of a flourishing floral business.