Client Name



Woodford Green


Garden Office


External Dimensions: 5m by 3 m
Internal area: 9 msq
Storage area: 3.5 msq


We are really pleased with the garden studio


Expanding your family's living space is not always possible, especially if you live in a terraced house as many families do in Greater London. That is why people are turning to garden solutions for permanent all-year-round additional space. The Heales family wanted to create a family room for watching TV or relaxing in with friends and family. Of course it gives you additional sleepover space too or quiet area for homework and studies.


Substantial ground works were required on this site to create the necessary space for this studio without infringing too much on the rest of the garden. A shed and large concrete slab was removed, the ground leveled and a sleeper retaining wall installed to maximise the area available. The only access was through the house. Don't let this deter you. We are adept at overcoming such issues and regularly have restricted access to the sites we build on. The rear and both side elevations were clad with particle board and painted in grey weather shield paint, with the front façade clad in kiln dried Western Red Cedar, fixed with secret stainless steel fixings. The door to the storage area was also clad to blend seamlessly with the rest of the front elevation. Internally, as with all our studios, the walls and ceilings were fully skimmed and painted with a skirting board finish. In addition, four down lighters, four double power sockets, a strip light in the storage area and a convector wall mounted heater were installed. In the overhang above the composite step a further four external down lighters give a fabulous look to the studio at night. Overall, a great use of space for the family, with minimal impact on the existing garden.