Client Name





Games Room


External Dimensions: 4.88m by 3.28m
Internal Area: 9.5msq
Storage area: 0.9msq


This family simply needed more living space and so decided, like so many, to capitalise on the garden and install a permanent, all year round studio. Its prime use is as a play / games room and dance studio for the children but of course as needs change the studio will no doubt be put to a multitude of uses over the years, such as an overflow guest bedroom or place to study.


Initially the intention was to keep some sizeable shrubs at the rear of the garden and so this 'stepped' studio design, based around the greenery, was created. In the end these shrubs were removed and replaced with a smaller raised bed, however the Oxley's really liked the design as it gave them the internal space they needed whilst not cramping the route down to the back gate. The only access into the garden was down a narrow 30m path but this posed no problem for our experienced build team who are expert at hand balling all elements of the build, often through people houses! This lovely studio included a compact integral storage room at the rear, accessible from an external clad door and was installed in less than two weeks. A notable feature is the sedum roof which aside from aesthetics has many benefits, including rain water absorption, improved sound and thermal insulation and a great eco environment for insects.