Client Name

Mr and Mrs Dennison


Mortlake, London Borough of Richmond


Garden Music Studio


Helix Centre - 4x5 with living sedum roof


Children always like to have their own space, especially when they get to their teenage years.
Our customer for this build contacted us with the requirements for a studio which their teenage children could use as a chillout area, but also somewhere they could practice their drumming without disturbing their parents or the neighbours. The studio would have to be big enough for a couple of sofas and a drum kit, and a small decking area outside to make the most of warm summer days.
The garden backed on to a railway line so additional soundproofing would be required to the teenagers could relax in a peaceful environment. Having this dedicated space the parents would know their children had a safe place in which they could unwind and play.
The request was also made for a shower room to be included giving the teenagers their own complete space which provided everything they would need.


With the garden backing on to a railway line, soundproofing was going to be needed to ensure the studio was quiet and the children not be disturbed when watching television or playing their musical instruments.
To combat the noise coming from passing trains we installed extra soundproofing in the rear wall of the studio, this would not only reduce noise from outside but also limit the noise coming out from when the children would be drumming.
The large windows ensure plenty of light can enter the studio, with the added benefit that the parents could keep an eye on their teenage sons.
There is plenty of space for the sofas and the drumkit, and the shower room means the boys had a very useable space to themselves.
The decking was finished with our hardwood option and the studio itself is finished in our cedar cladding.
A living sedum room was added creating additional noise insulation but also a very attractive feature which would grow with time.
A very accomplished project.