Client Name



Botley, Oxford


Garden Office


Helix 4x3


When working from home it can often be difficult to get into the right frame of mind as being in your own home can provide many distractions. Having a purpose built office space is a great way to create an office environment in the comfort of you own property. Our garden studios make perfect offices no matter what the client's profession and this one is no different.
The client for this project was a graphic designer and wanted a well lit garden office that was suitable for year round use.
The site for the studio had a slight fall and this would need to be taken into account when designing the building.


To overcome the issue of the garden slope, there are several options. One of which is to dig down to create a level site, this however can be costly in labour and time. The solution we used was to build up the foundations at the lower end of the slope. This was done using pile foundations and cement blocks. These are then hidden by the shadow gap boards, which give the illusion of a floating studio whilst providing a level building.
The large doors and windows allow for plenty of natural light and ideal working conditions for graphic design. The studio is perfect for year round use thanks to the SIPS panel construction and the insulation these provide.
The outside of this studio is finished in our cedar cladding with upgraded powder coated aluminium roof trim which matches the finish on the Upvc windows and doors. A passive infra-red (PIR) security light is mounted on the outside providing security as well as illumination at night time and 2 waterproof outdoor sockets provide a power source for garden tools.
Internally this studio has an engineered wooden floor and our new blind solution for upvc windows. Perfectfit blinds are a halfway solution between externally mounted and integral blinds ideal for french doors, as the blinds are encapsulated within their own tailored frame that is permanently attached to that of the window.
A lovely finished office.