Client Name





Art Studio


External dimensions: 3m by 3m
Internal Area: 7.5m2


The installation team were reliable and very professional in the way they worked. They were also friendly, accommodating, helpful in the suggestions they made and always ready to explain. Overall a very good advert for Garden Spaces.


This studio will make many envious, in as much as it was a gift from our client to his wife. She needed a haven in which to pursue her art and they had some space, be it very over grown, at the bottom of their long garden that could be used with relative impunity. Being a narrow garden, our client wished to build tight to the boundaries to maximise internal area and so access to the rear of the garden, had to be through the studio.


First we removed the shrubs and bushes and prepared the ground prior to the build. There remained a slight gradient which we overcame by increasing the height of the front concrete pile foundations and adding two attractive steps. Internal space was maximised by building within 100mm of the side boundaries. The side and rear walls could not be seen from the house or garden and so were constructed from cement particle board pre painted with durable anthracite grey weatherproof paint. Internally natural light was maximised by the addition of a light tube, French door to the front and a glazed rear door which provided access to the rear corner of their plot. Our v-groove laminate floor which comes with a 25 year residential warranty, is standard in our Helix range and perfect for art studios. It is incredibly hard wearing and durable yet aesthetic coming in a variety of colours and designs. Our electrician added the finishing touches, with three internal double power sockets and two 5ft strip lights plus an external weatherproof power socket and PIR security light. We hope that this lovely garden studio provides the peaceful space needed for many years of artistic expression.