Client Name

Mrs Reed


Epsom, Surrey


Art Studio, Garden Office


Helix 7m x 3.5m


We all have different hobbies and interests, whether it be cars to music, exercise to art there is something for everyone and we all practice these to different levels.
Our client for this project was a keen artist and wanted somewhere they could draw, paint and sculpt away from the main house. The studio would need plenty of space internally and a small kitchenette was also requested to add some flexibility to the studios use. It may start life as an art studio but this can change over the course of its lifetime so it is always good to consider the long term options and what the room can be used for.
The ground on which the studio was to be sited was sloping towards the house and would need either levelling off or we could build up the foundations at one end of the studio. This would be decided by the client and would be chosen by price and practicality.
Our client wanted to use the building all year round and wanted to be able to control the temperature inside so we provided her with some heating and cooling options and would install as appropriate.
The electricity supply would be provided for us on this project. We supplied Mrs Reed with the specification for the cable we would need and she passed this on to a local electrician who would leave us a tail to connect the building.


The first obstacle for this project was the sloping ground. This could either be dug out to create a level building site but this is often costly and disruptive. Building up the foundations on the studio is a much cheaper alternative and can be done with no disruption at all, no wheel barrows of earth being constantly moved from the garden to a skip. To avoid a large gap on the completed studio, a shadow board was used. This was painted black and creates the illusion of a floating studio as you can see from the pictures.
Whilst this building is from our Helix range is does feature some upgrades which we do find lots of our customers choose to do.
The cladding is our Western Red Cedar which provides a beautiful look to the finished building. This is complimented by a small decked step finished in our softwood pine and the powder coated aluminium framed windows and doors. The windows also have our tailored aluminium blinds which allow for full control of the amount of light coming into the building whilst at the same time increasing privacy for anyone inside.
To keep the temperate perfect inside no matter what Mother Nature is doing outside we fitted a climate control unit to the studio. This not only cools and heats, but also dehumidifies and circulates the air allowing for optimum conditions. This unit is also very efficient, returning 4W of power for every 1W put in so a hugely efficient device.
The small kitchenette was installed providing running water and and area where hot drinks can be made along with some additional undersink storage.
A very nice studio which will see many years of enjoyed use.