Client Name

Smith Sparks


Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire


Garden Office


Gastropod A1 2x2
Upgrades; laminate flooring


Our customer for this project wanted a small but functional office for their garden from which they could work from home all year round in comfort. They had a small and narrow garden which we would need to consider when designing and installing the building and due to a request from the customer the building would need to be completed as quickly as possible.


Due to the very small and tight space available for building and the proximity to the boundaries, we chose to build the studio off site. This meant it could be done quickly and more efficiently that prefabricating the walls and building them on site. The studio was then moved into position within the garden.
The Gastropod A1 is the smallest unit we sell and this is a very good example of one. The side and rear walls are finished in fire retardant cement particle board which is then painted with weatherproof paint which is this instance was finished in white. The front facing wall of the studio was finished in shiplap thermowood horizontal cladding. The windows and doors are white upvc and complete a very cost effective package. The complete build time on this project was complete in little over 1 week meeting the customers requests and parameters.