Client Name

Mr and Mrs Ingram


Aberystwyth, Ceredigion


Garden Office


Gastropod - 3x2


No matter what size a garden, people always want to make the most of them and create the best useable space for them.
The customer on this build had a small garden but wanted a studio which would be used as an office in which they could write, and this would double up as a music room.


Due to the small size of the garden and wanting to get as close to the garden boundaries as possible, the walls for the studio were prebuilt meaning we could get very close to the garden edge when putting them in place.
The large windows provide plenty of light for writing and give a picturesque appearance to the finished office.
Enough space was also left at the side of the office allowing access to a small shed/storage unit at the end of the garden.
A very good example of making the most of a small garden.